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Mother nature invests in mankind every day, and it was our dream to give back to the stakeholders of the Earth

Humanity & Nature
Home to the purest form of sandal.

An innovative amalgamation of agro-forestry and real estate, Siri Sampada’s business model aims to sustainably build quality land investments for its clients while responsibly nurturing and harvesting Sandalwood plantations for over a decade.

How it works

Join Siri Sampada in India’s first sandalwood cultivation revolution!



When you invest in Siri Sampada, you join hands to become a proud owner of a land with the world’s most valuable heartwood- Indian Sandalwood


The land is then leased back to us to ensure responsible, safe and state-of-the-art cultivation of the sandalwood trees for the next 15 years.


The crop is cultivated on a fertile land equipped with a state-of-art drip irrigation technology, the best seeds with high propensity and impenetrable security systems.


After 15 years, the profits from the harvested sandalwood are shared 60-40, with you, literally, holding the lion’s share.

Our locations and staff profile makes sure the plantation meets the quality assurance of international standards.

The Sandalwood Treasure

Eastern Sandalwood has been an integral part of India’s history and heritage. The oil extracted from the Sandalwood tree is considered holy and finds a place in the tradition of India’s legacy.

Sandalwood’s value has been noted as early as the 16th century in the Vijayanagara Dynasty. Tipu Sultan, the famed ruler of Mysore declared it a ‘royal tree’ and monopolised Sandalwood trade in 1792.

Sandalwood Today

The only wood in the world to be weighed and sold in grams, Sandalwood is considered one of the prized treasures of our country.

Indian Sandalwood is commercially valued globally for its heartwood and oil. Sandalwood oil finds widespread use in manufacture of fragrances, medicines, aromatherapy, crafts and cosmetic production as well as for traditional use.

The Sandalwood Revolution

With an objective to cater to the huge & perpetual demand for Indian Sandalwood worldwide, our exclusive multi fold approach allows for ethical and flourishing sandalwood cultivation

Being a hemi-parasitic plant, Sandalwood plant has specific needs, we at Siri Sampada understand this and nurture it the way nature does. Starting from creating the environment for it to feel at home, we source our seeds from the best mother trees, germinate them in our state-of-the-art Nurseries under the careful watch of our Silviculture experts.

Our team of experts closely work with Premier research institutes like the Institute of Wood Science and Technology, (IWST), under the Ministry of Forestry and Environment, Government of India. The Institute brings its rich expertise while ensuring Government of India norms are followed. Perpetual knowledge transfer and updation keeps us at the forefront of Sandalwood cultivation.

Such bounty and wealth of the nature needs protection from unwarranted attention, security is critical given the value of the crops growing inside the farmlands. To pre-empt theft and pilferage, Siri Sampada employs a multi-layer security apparatus. A robust combination of technology, human alacrity and Nature. Starting with an impregnable 3-layer perimeter fence, the vigil is strengthened by trained security patrol, Canine squads, CCTVs, etc. Security is the key attribute and a ‘non-negotiable’ aspect of all our projects.

Reap more than you sow..

When you invest in Siri Sampada…


You become a proud land owner

The moment you purchase a farm plot; the title is registered on your name. You could choose configurations starting from 121 Sq. Yards.


Your farming dreams come true

All of us nurture fond dreams of being a farmer someday. Your wish has just come true. We on your behalf are doing all the hard work, while you sit back and see your investment grow. Think of us as a farming incubator.


Your land gives you returns

When you invest in any open plot, you wait for it to appreciate while hoping it doesn’t get encroached. Our plots are not only secure but give you returns in the form of proceeds from Sandalwood harvest not to mention the appreciation of your land value.


You give something back to the planet

When you invest in Siri Sampada, you are investing in nature. It is gratifying to realize that you are contributing towards a healthier environment and a greener planet for our children.


You create a family getaway

Why go to a resort, when you have created one for yourself? Bring your children, friends, families spend some time in the lap of nature and rejuvenate while you watch your investments grow right before your eyes.

Our ongoing Projects

Join Siri Sampada in India’s first sandalwood cultivation revolution!

Golden Woods 1

Project Size: 80 Acres
Launched in: March 2014
No. of Farm Plots: 1200
No. of Plots Sold: 1050
Location : Sardar Nagar Village,
Shadnagar, Mahboobnagar Distt.

Golden Woods 2

Project Size: 35 Acres
Launched in: June 2014
No. of Farm Plots: 600
No. of Plots Sold: 510
Location : Sardar Nagar Village, Shadnagar, Mahboobnagar Distt.

Golden Woods 3

Project Size: 16 Acres
Launched in: November 2015
No. of Farm Plots: 280
No. of Plots Sold: 195
Location : NH7, Abutting Polepally Green SEZ, Jadcherla, Mahboobnagar Distt.